Writing 101 Day 8 & 9 – Expand on a comment and reinvent the letter format

Day eight looks at expanding a comment either you made or someone else has made. In day 9, we are to write a letter to anyone or anything. Today, I am combining two days onto one. Originally I had plans about writing a letter to all my books, but I could not think of anything to say. I might go back to that idea, but I would need to sit on it for a bit. So let us begin!

To My Loyal Readers:

It has come to my attention that many of you would like to know about the library and its new policy on the study rooms, from day’s 6 prompt.

I will admit that I am sorry that I did not add this detail when I first wrote the post for day six of writing 101 assignment. However, at the time the details either did not seem to fit, or I forgot to think about putting them in. I would also like to thank every one of you for asking questions about those details that you would like to know.

Let me first explain to you why the study rooms are so popular to begin with. During the summer, the library was always cold. It was so cold that you would want to bring in your winter gear just to stay warm. I will admit that being in there for five minutes was great because of the 100 degrees Fahrenheit weather we have been experiencing, but beyond five minutes it was torcher. This meant that the two most popular areas in the library were the study rooms and the booths over by the fiction section of the library facing the sun. In addition, the study rooms were better to work in because they tend to block out most of the noise of the library.

The study rooms are not separate rooms, like some of the classrooms or the teen section of the library. They are a section that is blocked off by windows and walls that are covered in either cloth or white boards. Unlike the other rooms that have a normal ceiling, the study rooms have an awning that is about a foot away from the walls and doors.

However, by the beginning of the school year, middle of August, the policy had changed about the study rooms. Apparently they were tired of having single people staying in the study rooms. To remedy their problem they put a minimum number of people that can use the room. Now you have to have a partner in order to use the study rooms. This sucks because the library is still freezing cold.

I do hope that this helps answer any of the questions that you have about the study rooms in Writing 101 day 6 prompt.

I do hope that you will enjoy your weekend and get to experience many adventures along the way.


Super Bookworm


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