Writing 101 day 4 – The Window

GOMY9CQSvmjKLxigsfxg_Attic For today’s prompt, I was to take one of the suggested images and to use it as inspiration. The image I have chosen in on the left.

Originally, when I choose this image, I was going to talk about hope and light. But time was not on my side to finish this prompt that day and now it has morphed into something different. I do hope that you will enjoy the story that I have written.

Being up here can be an adventure. There lots of cool stuff to sort through and explore. The other day, I found a box filled with toys. Some blocks, cars, and a rag doll with old worn out clothes. However, being up here can be boring. For the exception of the occasional boxes, there is generally nothing here to keep me company.

See, I have been here for a while. The last thing I remember was being up here to search for something special to give to my mother for her birthday. I heard a car coming up the driveway and decided to check to see who it was. As I rushed to the window, I slipped and hit my head on something.

I have seen several people come up here for a long time. However, they don’t seem to see or to respond to me when they are up here. All they do is take boxes in and out of this room. Sadly none of them is my mother. I am starting to realize that I do not recognize any of these people, and I will only get to see them for a few times before new faces start to show.

I do miss my mother. I wish to see her face and to hear her voice. To feel her warm, comforting hugs that only she can give. I do wonder why she has never shown, or where she can be. I wish she can come here and rescue me from this weird prison.

See, I have tried to leave several times. Every time I go to the door it is always locked. I even try to leave when the strangers come through, but there is this weird wall that refuses to let me through. The only thing that I have not tried is the window. I never wanted to go near the window after the incident. It always gave me the creeps every time I thought about it and I do not want to repeat the past. But today, in desperation to get back to my mother and to get out of this room, I will find a way leave, even if it kills me. I will try the window.

Today must be a sunny day, for the window is brightly lit up. As I walk closer, I can feel the heat radiating from the window, wishing for a chance to go outside. As I near the window, I start to feel a pang in the back of my head. It starts as a dull throb and gradually increases to the point where my eyes are throbbing and I can barely see. Ignoring the pain, I barely remember to watch my step as I almost forget about the boxes that I fell over and on that time before.

Nearing the window, I hear a car pulling up. Getting excited, with hopes of my mother coming, I start to pick up speed, as I head towards the window.

I finally made it to the window. The light is both blinding bright and warm. After a while, my eyes finally adjust to the light, and I am surprised and sad to what I see.

It is not my mother’s car, nor any of her friends’. The yard is all different, as well as the houses. Confused with what I am seeing, I close my eyes hoping that the scene will change and the pain will stop. Opening my eyes, my hope drops as despair starts to set in. Tears are welling up in my eyes as the realization and memories start to set in.

I will never see my mother and I will forever be stuck in this room with this one window that will never open.


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