Witchcraft Review

I will admit, that when I was reading this book, I was sharing this book with a friend. Part of it was because I wanted to get one book done for Booktube-a-thon, but it did not work out like that. My friend did get involved with the storyline, and we were not able to finish the book in one or two get together. However, I was able to get it counted towards my 2015 reading challenge goal. This was the first book that I have read with a friend, and I will admit that it does affect my rating on this book.

Witchcraft, by Jayne Ann Krentz, is about a mystery writer named Kimberly Sawyer who lives in the Northern California area. When a hooded figure starts to threaten her she knows that she needs protection and gets help from a Napa winemaker, Darius Cavenaugh.

I gave this book three out of five stars on Goodreads. I believe that the reason why I gave it this rating because I enjoyed it with my friend. There are a lot of cons, and many of them were laughable when I was with my friend. I can guarantee you that there was a lot of questioning as to the reality of this book, and the choices that the characters were making, as well as my lack of judgement. I believe that if I read this book by myself it would have been two out of five stars on Goodreads. The book was not bad, but as a love story taking place in the 80’s it was unrealistic. Just to note, there will be spoilers. 

With that note, let me start off with all the cons for this book. My main concern for this book was that it was laughable for a romance book. Not laughable as funny, but laughable and unbelievable. For example, Kimberly had sex with a guy she barely knew for a day. This made the choices of the main character highly questionable. This leads to my next, and final, disappointment. I would have loved to see more of the characters thinking and reasoning. Like why Kimberly married Darius and invited her grandparents. One, she barely knew the guy for a week and decided to marry him with them almost constantly arguing and two she only just met her grandparents and was still not on likeable terms with them after what happened in the past (abandonment). All of these cons existed throughout the book.

However, there were a few pros. My first one was the mysteriousness that did exist throughout the book, like what happend in the past, who was after Kimberly and Cavenaugh. However, after a while, some of that mysteriousness did get annoying after a while. For example, the past in how Kimberly and Cavanaugh met, Krentz mention that past event several times within two pages. Both my friend and I were hooked on what happened, but at the same time we were both exhausted from being constantly reminded that we did not know what happened in the past. I also enjoyed the fight that Cavenaugh had with Kimberly’s fictional male character. It was interesting to see how the dynamics between real and fantasy, and how we as people tend to want fantasy to come to life, but it doesn’t work. The other thing that I enjoyed, which is most likely a negative, was laughing with my friend as we tried to read this book. Those character decisions and cheesy 80’s references were hilarious, and I enjoyed getting a chance to share a book with my friend.

In the end, I am really not recommending this book. Even though I enjoyed sharing this book with my friend, it was very cheesy and unbelievable. I feel as though you should not be laughing at a love story for those reasons. The book can work as a guilty pleasure, but there are other better books that will fit and maintain this category.

I do hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Hope to see you soon and happy reading!


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