Writing 101 Day 5 – Twitter posts

Okay, today’s topic looks at twitter posts as a source of inspiration. Mine did not come from one of the suggested listed in the e-mail, but something that I saw earlier today. It is about shipping and picking a favorite character. In the tweet, Epic Book Reads asked who you are pledging fealty to

Before we start, I will admit that I have not read either book that they are posting. However, I don’t know if I am missing the point, but I do not get it. What is the point of shipping two characters together or favoring one character over another? I do have my favorite characters, but enough to claim that one is better than the other isn’t happening.

Okay, before I get ahead of myself, let me start with shipping. For those who do not know, “Shipping” is when you want two characters to end up together in a relationSHIP. A good example is in The Hunger Games. With both the books and the movies, many people have their favorite as to who they want Katniss to end up with. There is a group that is for Gale (Team Gale) and there are others that are for Peeta (Team Peeta). I remember a few years ago, it was huge and many of my friends were asking who I wanted Katniss to be with, as I was reading the series. I was a bit baffled because I could not understand why they wanted me to match someone up with Katniss. Why couldn’t we let Katniss decide what was best for her, and what she wanted? She is a strong, independent female character who is more than capable of making her own decision. (I will admit that that I did favor Peeta since he had a better understanding what Katniss when through in the arena, but I still wanted Katniss to make the choice herself.) It was interesting because answering that question was huge and there was a lot of tension as to what my answer was going to be. The answer of letting Katniss decide was not an option. But that is my point, why does there need to be a huge tension as to who I would like Katniss to be with. Also, I know that Katniss is just a fictional character, but why couldn’t she make her own choice? We live in the 21st century. Women around the world are starting to stand up for themselves and are demanding to be making their own choices. If Katniss is real, would we be doing this? Would we be forcing our ideal ship to her, and demand this “perfect couple” to exist, just like the Capitol in the book (and movie)?

Thus bringing me to the fealty question that Epic Reads posted earlier today. Why do I need to pledge fealty to one these two fictional characters? I will admit, after hearing about these two females, I would love to meet them in person and for them to meet with each other. However, having to choose who I would follow? Aren’t we asking a bit too much? Both women are respected for their own personal reasons, and each trait that they possess makes them awesome in their own way. They have both been through a lot to become the person that they have become. I understand that Epic Reads wants to see who we favor more, but I believe that there was a better way to ask then asking the world who we would devote their life for. Why not ask who would love to meet in person, or which world you would love to be in and why? Why must we pick a favorite and devote our life to that choice?

In the end, all I am asking is what is happening to our society that we care more about who goes with who, or who we will follow in world of fiction, over what is happening into our own lives. I know that I promote the adventures in books, and the world of fiction, but sometimes we need to explore the story of our own lives. Get to know the other characters, the settings, and the adventures that we go on. I know that I would not like it if someone decided that I needed to be shipped to another person for whatever said reasons that they are claiming. I would like to make that decision. This is my story, and I am taking ideas for possible adventures through others. What will you be doing?


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