Finding Audrey Review

I decided to participate in the Booksplosion book of the month. The book for August was Finding Audrey. Here is the link for the book talk.

Finding Audrey by Sophia Kinsella is about a fourteen-year-old girl’s growth as she recovers from depression and social anxiety.

I gave this book five out of five stars on Goodreads. However, if I was honest, I would give this book four and a half stars out of five. I really did enjoy the book and the story as a whole, but there were a few things that I was not okay with that brought the book down by a half rating.

Before I start, I want to apologize for any spoilers that I have given. I just feel like I cannot give out a proper review without those spoilers, and that my ideas and feeling will not have much weight without them.

There are so many things that I truly love and enjoy about this book. The first one is that the book is family driven. Everyone in the family is shown, even the parents. There are so many YA books where the teenager no longer has access to any form of adults, whether it be parents or a guardian to help them. This book is different in which we not only get to see the parents, but they interact with the main character and they are part of the plot and the driving forces of our main character’s (Audrey) growth. It was fun and great to see the family dynamic and interactions. I felt that it made the book much more realistic. The second thing that I enjoyed was that the book was funny. In fact, the book was hilarious. One scene that stick out to me was the birthday cake fiasco in which the father put the wrong age on the mother’s cake. I laughed so hard and tried to keep quiet because that I was babysitting and I just put the kids down to sleep. Another thing that I truly like was the fact that the romance was not the main theme. It was interesting because the summary made it sound like this boy would be some magical person, like a messiah, and cure Audrey of her anxiety and they fall in love. There was nothing like that. They guy helped, as a friend and developed a friendship with Audrey first as well as the family helping Audrey with her anxiety and her depression. In fact, the main theme was about self-growth and development. I kind of have mentioned this, but another pro for me about this book was that it felt and sounded real. You saw this growth, but it was not at a magic pace. In fact, I enjoyed how we never got to noticed the growth until after the character have been exhibiting these signs and the character starts to realize that she is slowly getting better. I also felt that the anxiety was accurate. Even though it was a very exaggerated case, I still felt that the anxiety was handled well with respect. The last thing that I enjoyed was the documentary. I felt as though it showcase her growth.

There are only two things that I am not happy about with this book. One was the content. I really would have liked to know what happened in the past. I know that Kinsella hinted that Audrey got bullied in school, but I would still like some details as to what was the major event that caused Audrey to have massive anxiety. In addition, I would also like a bit more content about Nicole and some of Audrey old friend(s). I know that we met Nicole once and it ended badly, but I would like to see if they patched up their friendship, or if the mother got involved and told Nicole’s mother off about her assumptions on what was happening with Audrey and why she wasn’t going back to school.

In the end, I do recommend this book. It is funny and cute, and I believe that everyone will enjoy it. I will mention that it might be a trigger for those who suffer from anxiety and/or depression. However, the book was more funny and hopeful and sad and depressed.


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