Writing 101 – Day 2

Today in writing 101 we were to make a like from the following topics

  1. Things I like
  2. Things I’ve learned
  3. Things I wish

However, I have decided to be the super person and do a list of all three.  I do hope that you will enjoy it, and it will give you a chance to learn a little bit more about me. Sorry about the crazy format. I did this on Google Docs first and the transfer was a little weird. See you tomorrow.

Things I Like Things I have Learn Things I wish
  1. Books
    1. Young Adult
    2. Fantasy
    3. Adventure
    4. Middle Grade
  2. Cats
  3. Dragons
  4. To be organized
  5. Summer
  6. My own personal time
  7. My Jobs
  8. Technology
  9. Running water
  10. Things I take for granted
  11. Math
  12. Learning
  1. No matter what, or how well you plan, you will always end up lost
  2. U-turns means that you have taken the scenic route.
  3. Always make a plan for B-Z
  4. You can’t plan for everything
  5. Every journey is different, so don’t compare yourself to others
  6. Always climb new mountains – How else are you to test your own boundaries and limits?
  7. Always make plans for some personal time
  8. Some of the most meaningful lessons in life can scare you
  9. Perfection does not exist
  10. You can’t please everyone
  11. Growth happens when you least expect it
  12. Not every test you take requires you to fill in some bubbles
  1. To own my own living pet Night Fury
  2. To be smart with both knowledge and understanding
  3. World peace and end of world hunger
  4. World acceptance – everyone accepting everyone
  5. To help my student reach out and communicate
  6. To be better organized
  7. That every kid see’s learning and education in a positive light
  8. To get my teaching credential
  9. To have more confidence

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