Writing 101 – Day 1

Why do you write? Write for 15 – 30 minutes.

I write because…

This month I will be tackling two projects. I will be participating in writing 101 and blogging 201. I do love being in the blogging university and getting a chance to see everyone’s response as well as a chance to interact with new people. It also forces me to gain better blogging habits and help me find ways to improve my writing and my blogging. I just wanted to let you know that there will be other posts beyond book and book reviews for the next month and a half.

For the first day in Writing 101, I am supposed to tell you why I write. I wish that I can give you a simple answer, or some inspiring quotes and ideas that will explain to you wy I write. The purpose of my writing and shared experiences. however, I am not that simple or perfect.

I write to improve myself. The idea of sharing ideas can be hard and I have dealt with most of my life being told that I am not a writer. That my writing sucks. That I cannot achieve my goals because of how bad I write. I cannot attain my dream job, being a teacher, due to my poor grammar and spelling skills. From a young age (3) to the day I stopped going to college (after I receive my BA) I was constantly told how bad my writing is. So I write to improve.

I write to improve my writing. To obtain my dreams and goals in life. To quiet the evil voices telling me that I am no good. To prove to myself that I am not only good but worthy.

So why a blog?

I blog to get feedback. As much as a journal will help me, grammar/spelling check does not give me enough feedback. to improve, one must seek others and be brave to front them and ask them for their honest opinions.

Why devote a blog to books and book reviews?

Well, I do better with a format/formula. Do A, B and C and my writing will be decent and better than average. My writing is focused, the spelling is decent, and the grammar is good. However, the moment that the formula disappears, I become lost and my writing shows it. Reviews provide an easy format for me to follow. However, the reality is, the reason why my blog is about books is because the opportunity presented itself. I wanted to track and share my experience while doing a readathon and blogging was the only way that I do share my experience anonymously.


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