September 2015 TBR and August Wrap Up

I will admit that I am in a bit of a reading slump. However, my reading in August was pretty good. I read a total of 14 books in August. I am hoping to get those reviews done soon. I have not had any time to myself or to get onto the internet. I have been working constantly throughout the week with little to no breaks. The first week of school was just me getting used to the new rules for the school year while this week was going from one job to the next then to bed.

Because of all the changes that are happening I want to take a little break by just reading the books that I need to return to the library. However, my challenge is to read a book that is not a novel.  Here are my possible books for September.

  1. The Unwanteds Book 3 – Island of Fire
  2. The Unwanteds Book 4 – Island of Legends
  3. The Unwanteds Book 5 – Island of Shipwrecks
  4. Boundless
  5. Rook* – I am not sure if I am going to read this book. I am not in the mood for a historical dystopian novel.
  6. Unknown – I am not sure what to read for my non-novel book. I am torn between a textbook or another graphic novel. I will let you know.

So far that is my plan for September. I am hoping to take a fun break and to enjoy the last bit of good weather.

What are you planning on reading for the month of September?


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