Updates and Questions

I must apologize for being so late with my posting this week. I got all excited on a new post, and it is taking me longer to complete than expected. This post is not really a tag but can easily turn into one. What I am discovering is that with the 500 books that I have read in my life, I have somehow managed to have a difficulty in completing this one post. However, let us just move on. I do want to let you know about my plans for this week and ask a for a little help in some of my planning.

Let me start with asking for your advice. I will be closing this poll by 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time. I want to give myself some time to write the review.

During Booktube-a-thon, I reread Harper Lee’s book To Kill a Mockingbird before I read Go Set A Watchman. I reread and wrote a short review on To Kill a Mockingbird in 2013 during the first Booktube-a-thon. My question to you is, do you want another review on To Kill a Mockingbird, one with a bit more in-depth than the original review and have it as a back to back with Go Set a Watchman, or do you want me to piggyback/ link the original review on To Kill a Mockingbird and just write a review on Go Set a Watchman? It would be a big help if you help me with that decision-making process because I am not sure what I want to do. I also want to write these reviews before it is too late for me to do a good job on writing the reviews.

Moving on. Here are my plans for this week.

Sunday (Today) – Not only will I have this poll, I will also be doing a Bout of Books update

Monday – Sunday Bout of Books Update and a review on ready Player One and In Real Life

Tuesday – Review on Treasure Island and Witchcraft

Wednesday – Review on The Unwanteds: Island of Silence

Thursday – I might have a Harper Lee review

Friday – Book Tag post. This is the post that is taking me a while to complete.

I do hope that your week will be perfect, I will see you next time and happy reading!


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