Bout of Books Plan

Bout of Books is very organized and has a template that we can use to keep track of our goals and reading progress throughout the week. Today, I am just going to post my plans for next week. Next week will be a bit tricky since I will be working both jobs. We are starting school next week. I am hoping that I will get some time to read as well as well as blogging.

Time Devoted to Reading

I am planning on spending at leas three hours a day reading. I do believe that I will be able to accomplish that throughout the week. See planner below for more details.

My Goals

  • I do have the plans of reading a total of six books, about a book a day with one day break
  • I would like to get a book a day done completing seven books

Books to Read

  • The Unwanteds: Island of Silence 
  • The Unwanteds: Island of Fire
  • Rook
  • Ember in the Ashes
  • Since You’ve Been Gone
  • Numbers Game
  • The Water Travelers 
  • Ready Player One – If I have not finished the book by Monday

I do hope that you will be joining me. If so, what are your plans?

See you soon and happy reading!


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