The Power of Names

Yesterday I read a post by Blabberwockying about using your name in the About Me section of your blog. The more I read on, the more it made me think back to the beginning when I started this blog. I did not want to use my name, I wanted to be anonymous. At the time, I knew my writing level and skills and was afraid of people reading my work, especially those who knew me. I know that it sounds stupid, but when I was growing up I was constantly told that I was not the writer. In a really weird way every written assignment that I turned in, I was always told that I did it wrong. I swear that I would follow the rubric, but my writing was so bad that it was always wrong. The funny part of it was that the teachers loved the fact that I followed the assignment and stayed on topic, but my writing was never the one to be shown as the paper that was done correctly. Looking back, I realize how much I longed for that recognition as a writer and being able to complete even one written assignment correctly. My history of writing made me very subconscious of my writing and what I was doing online, and the fear to share this among friends and family was huge. The last thing I wanted to hear was questions as to why I was doing this and what I was thinking with my lack of skills in writing. It did not matter that I had a BA or that I tutor children and help them with their homework in history and English, I knew that I would be critique to the extreme and all my faults would be pointed out, again showing me how much I failed at doing such a simple task, one that every female should have been able to accomplish by fifth grade.

It was this fear, that I decided to be anonymous and not use my name. However, the idea of using a pen name never came up in my mind. I mainly thought that pen names were used by authors and famous people. I was not famous, and I am not an author, so the use of a pen name was never in the back of my mind. I had no need or qualifications to use something special. However, that all changed with a post talking about why we should use a name. I really do recommend you to check out the post and read it, for Anand has brought up some really good points. One of them being, making the blog a bit more personal as well as helping people associate something special about your blog. It never occurred to me that not having a name would be a problem. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized how much my lack of a name has affected my experience as a blogger for the past two years. Not having a name meant that I could not be out there as much as I thought I was. I have interacted with a few people, but in the course of two years I interacted with 10 people in the course of two years before I joined writing 101 and blogging 101. However, in the course of doing blogging 101 I realized that I ended up using Super Bookworm as my pen name and in that experience I interacted with over 10 ten people in the course of one day. It is amazing what the use of the name can do, and how it can affect a day or a moment of life. It was fun being able to interact with everyone and getting to see new ideas and perspectives. I am hoping to see more of that in the years to come.

Hope to see you later and happy reading!

Featured imageSuper Bookworm


4 thoughts on “The Power of Names

  1. Hey Super 🙂

    Knowing about the reasons underlying your anonymity was good.
    I liked reading this post and very glad that my post inspired this.
    I would look forward to read more on your blog.
    Thanks for your kind words and kind mention. 🙂


  2. I think it’s very brave of you to blog. I think blogging takes a lot of courage! Even if you don’t use your name. Maybe one day you will! I look forward to getting to know you more!

  3. I had similar thoughts about being anonymous when I started my blog 2 years ago. But then I figured, what the heck! Might as well just sign my name. A pen name never occurred to me, either!

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