Blogging 101 – Make up Work

I know that I am behind on Blogging 101. I am hoping to complete day two, four, and five all in one post. Day two focus on the title and tagline, while day four was identifying your audience with a post, and day five was about my theme. Since I am making this post and many other, I am accomplishing day four as we speak(?).

Day Two – Title and Tagline

I love my title and tagline. It took me a while to choose it and at the time I was in a superhero kick. I like how it gives me the impression of being a superhero and saving something, like people and books. I also did extensive research, via Google, and found that the title wasn’t used. My tagline came from the old notion that books are our little adventures, we just need to go out there and explore them. To put it simply, “Not all who wander are lost.” Thanks Gandalf. I so much wanted to use use the old motto of reading with everyone, but at last it did not fit within the character count, and Gandalf’s saying is becoming a little cliche and overused. “Let’s find our next adventure” was the best way that I could sum up the motto that I grew up with.

Day Five  – My theme

What can I say… I mainly chose it because it was free. However, I do enjoy the color scheme as well as the background of the book shelves. I also enjoy it simplicity. However, if I was to change anything it would be to change the white background of the text to a warm brown. In all, I feel as though the set up is simple to use and is friendly as well as inviting and conveying the message about my blog. What do you think? Is it as easy to use as I believe it to be?

Thank you and happy reading!


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