Mid year review 2015

Now is the time for nostalgia. A time to look back at my new years resolutions and see where I stand with them. It is also a great time to make those command decisions as to whether or not I will continue to try to achieve those goals, or to toss them. In addition, I would also like to make some next steps to see how I can improve and help me attain the goal, or at least be close to it. So let us begin with the original list and go from there.

  1. I want to read 100 books this year. I keep making it to about the mid 70’s, and this year I want to get to 100. I have done the math and that is about 2 books a week. – According to Goodreads, I have read a total of 92 book, which is 39 books ahead of schedule. This is really good. I know that most of these books are kids books, but I feel really proud of myself in such an accomplishment. 
  2. I want to make a post a week. I have plans on posting either on Friday or Saturday. Those two days are the best days for me in creating and posting a post. However, there will be rare circumstances in which I will be posting on Sunday. – I do not know what to say. Some weeks I post more than once, and others I am sorry that I have left you without anything to describe what is happening. However, if we average out everything, I have made it a post a week, and in a sense I am ahead of schedule. I still want to upkeep all the posting that I have done and to keep up with the habit. 
  3. I do not want to be behind on my posts. I am so behind on my posts. I have a five book reviews and one tag post. I just need to get them done. – ummm…*As I look for a place to hide* … Let us be real. I am behind on my posting, I have several book reviews to make, and several other posts to make as well. However, some of those posts I have just given up on. This was one of those New Year’s Resolutions that started off with good intentions, but it is not working out as well. 
  4. I want to participate in both book-tube-a-thons and the second Bout of books read-a-thons. They are so much fun to participate, and I missed doing them last year. – I have my calendar dates blocked out and I am prepping and trying to figure out how to balance work and those read-a-thons. Only time can tell for this one, but I have participated in other read-a-thons with varying degrees of success. 
  5. I want to get rid of my Do Not Finish (DNF) pile. – This one I need to work on. I manage to grow the DNF pile, not lessen it. I am hoping that some of these read-a-thons will help me decrease those books and improve my chances of success with this goal. Right now I have ten books on that list. If I finish reading two books a month on that list, I should be done by the end of the year. 
  6. I want to try to make vlogs for one month. I tried with one video and I did not like it. However, making one video is not enough, and if I want to be fair I believe that I need to try vlogging more. – Working on that right now. I made some of the videos, I just need to edit them. However, I am having a software issue with Windows Movie Maker. I am trying to get that fixed now, but nothing is working. When I upload the video onto the program I get the audio, but no picture. I have researched the problem, but nothing is matching or working. Microsoft refused to help me, saying that I need to pay to get it fixed and I have been on hold with Geeksquad since 7:45 pm. I would like to start posting videos before the read-a-thons start. Last year book-tube-a-thon had a lot of extra challenges that I could not format to the blogging world.  
  7. I want to upkeep both my Facebook and twitter page. I know that I have neglected both pretty bad, but I want to upkeep them a bit more. – This one I also feel like I am failing. I am doing a better job of it this year than last year. In addition, Twitter is getting more attention than Facebook. Though I do have to admit that having the apps on my phone is working out for the best for me to upkeep those two pages. I know that Twitter is linked to my Goodreads account, so that is getting updates on my reading progress. It is not what I was hoping or thinking of when I made this goal, but compared to last year, I know that I am doing better. So in all, I will count that as a win, and just try my best for the rest of the year. Keep moving forward. 

Here is to creating a year of success. I am hoping that I will be able to complete all my goals, and be able to try new things. I hope that you enjoyed this post. Happy reading!


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