Cram-a-thon update – Day 2

I know that it is a bit early for an update. For me, it is only 8:50 pm when I am writing this. I have finished Trouble and I am a little over 61 pages into Around the World in 80 Days (This is about 40% of the book done). I am hoping to finish the book today, but if not, I know that I will be able to finish the book tomorrow. I realize that I am a bit ahead. Not as planned, but I did get my reading quota done for the day, and I almost completed everything. The only thing left of the list is to finish the novella.

1. Read a children’s book
2. Read a hardback
3. Read a graphic novel
4. Read a novella
5. Read a book written in verse
6. Read 2 books in 24 hours
7. Read 5 books total

I do hope that everything is going great and your weekend adventures are going according to plan. Hope to see you soon and happy reading!


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