Cram-a-thon 2015 Game Plan

Alright. I decided that I would do a game plan on what I am planning on doing for the Cram-a-thon. I wanted to create a plan to succeed my goals for this weekend. I am taking this from my previous experiences with my last two Book-tube-a-thons. The one year that I succeed, I did a lot of planning and prepping while the one that I failed was due to the lack of prep and planning.  Here is that plan.

Friday – I have work in the morning and I am also working at my local county fair as one of the vendors. I am planning on bringing the children books as well as the graphic novels. I want to get all the short stuff in one day. Thus completing the challenge of reading two books in one day. This will cover Oh the Places you’ll GoOnce Upon A BananaMs. Marvel Vol. 2, and Rat Queens Vol. 1. 

Saturday. I will also be working on Saturday morning. However, I am hoping on getting my new glasses that day. In addition, I have a feeling that I mom will ask me to help around the house since there is a lot of prepping for the new washer and dryer. Though this day, I am planning on reading Around the World in 80 Days. I am hoping that this book will not take more than two hours to read.

Sunday – Will be the makeup day, to catch up with these books.

Monday – The backup day incase I am really behind.

In addition to all that reading, I am hoping to read 100 pages of Trouble each day. The book is 375 pages longs. Right now I am on page 90. I am hoping to get to page 100 by the end of tonight. However, I am discovering that this book is a little hard to get through. It is one of those books that you need to take your time and just read it. You cannot power through it. If I cannot get through 100 pages a day, I want to at least get through 75 pages. If I do 75 pages a day, it will take me the whole entire weekend to finish this book.

I also have the backup plan that I will split Friday’s plan into both Friday and Saturday and Move Saturday’s plan to Sunday and leave Monday as the backup day. However, I am really hoping that I will be able to keep up with this plan.

Wish me luck and happy reading!


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