July 2015 Update

Is it my imagination, or is summer getting shorter? I feel like a couple of weeks ago we just started summer and now I am looking ahead and I am surprised that we are halfway done with summer vacation (mine ends in August 19). What happened to summer? 

I still cannot believe that it is July. In a few short days, I will have my 26th birthday, and make plans for Book-tube-a-thon (July 27 – August 1). Sadly I have no plans for what I am going to read for the month of July or for Book-tube-a-thon. I have been in kind of a reading slump since the end of May.

I am also hoping to start vlogging this month since it is part of my New Year’s Resolution. I have been a little reluctant to start, but my original plans was to start vlogging around July, for the sole purpose of Book-tube-a-thon. I would love to participate in many of the video challenges that they had last year. They seemed like so much fun but were not so easily adaptable to the blogging sphere.

So many changes within the course of one summer.

I do hope that your summer is going well, filled with fun and adventures. See you next time. Happy reading!


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