May update 2015

I know it has been a while since I have made an update. Sadly, for a month I went without a computer, waiting for it to get fixed. I tried other alternatives for updating my posts, such as using my Nook or my phone. but the screens were too small, and it just frustrated me to type up what I wanted to say.

Though, don’t worry. I have plans to make it all up. I have several reviews, and a few book tags that I am looking forward to be doing this week as well as next week. Though, that is not what I am going to talk about today. As promised, I am going to talk about what happened to my computer.

About a month ago, my computer crashed and refused to boot. As much as I tried, I was not able to get to the window screen to get onto my computer. To make it worse, I ended up needing my computer for the next day for a training for work. Let’s just say the 9pm panic was starting to set in, and I could not see why my computer could have decided to crash earlier or at a more convenient time.

The following day, I took my computer to Best Buy where they told me that my computer’s hard drive died beyond repair and that they would need to replace it. Realizing that I had not done a back up in a while, I asked if they could do the backup for me. They were able to say yes, and I paid the $88 for the backup. A few days later, I got the external hard drive back and discovered that the backup did not work. Which was upsetting, because I needed the information on the backup in order to pay my bills.

Best Buy ended up ordering the computer back, and having to redo the backup. It was discovered that the hard drive was so bad that it was activating its own kill switch while on, so they had to put my computer in the freezer to do the backup. This process was what took forever. Almost a month. So long that Best Buy ended up replacing the hard drive at the location instead of sending it back to the warehouse to get fixed.

In the end, I finally got a hold of my laptop on Friday and sadly on Sunday it decided to shut itself off and not turn itself back on. I was a little disappointed. I spent so much time waiting for my laptop, and I was just getting use to using it. Luckily on Monday morning, it was just the battery overcharging itself and it was able to work.

That my dear friends is the story of my laptop and all of its problems. Now that it is fixed, I am looking forward to all of the posts that I will be making this week. I do hope that you month had been great, and that you had lots of adventures along the way. See you soon.


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