Blogging 101 – Day 13

Like most stuff that you find, you have to lose before you find it. For me, it was something that did not belong to me. It belongs to the student who I work with.
At the Special Education Program, the students have their own bus passes to get around town. Luckily, because my student is wheelchair bound, my student is able to use both the normal city bus as well as the personal city bus (Our city has a door to door transportation program for disable and the elderly). This means I have to worry about two different type of bus passes since each bus takes a different type of pass.
The day I lost those bus passes started like any other day. My student and I decided to go to the library across town and we invited the other wheelchair student and an aid to come with us. Everything went perfectly. I had both students’ bus passes in my pocket while we traveled.
Sadly, when we got back to school, I forgot to put the bus passes away and left them in my pocket. I did not realize the mistake until I got home and one of the bus passes fell out. I checked my pockets and realized that I had both students bus passes. I decided that it would be safer to put the bus passes in my wallet. However, as I laid them down in the center of my bed in order to grab my purse, my mom called me. At that moment, I left the room with the passes still on the bed.
A couple of hours later, I again forgot about the bus passes. During that time I had dinner, helped my mom with a few chores, and went on my computer surfing the internet on my bed. It was not until the same bus pass fell onto the floor, did I remember to put the bus passes away.
I quickly grabbed my purse and put that bus pass in my wallet, but when I looked on the bed for my student’s bus pass, it wasn’t there.
I looked everywhere. On the bed. Between the sheets. Under the bed. I even checked the pockets of my pants to make sure that I took the passes out of my pockets. I even began cleaning my room in hopes to find the passes. I was panicking over what would happen when they teacher found out and was imagining the worst.
Over the next two days, I tried to find the passes. I even enlisted my mom and my sisters to help me find those two tickets. It got to the point where I even calculated the cost of the tickets and discovered that they were $50.00. I lucked out that the teacher never found out and that the other aids agreed to keep their mouths shut. We were all praying that I would be able to find those tickets soon.
By the third day, I gave up. I accepted my fate and began to find a way to buy the two tickets between my two jobs before the teacher found out. I was not able to grab them that day due to scheduling conflicts but figured out how to do it the following day.
That evening, my mom asked me about the tickets and the possibility of it being in my computer fan. I checked before and saw nothing though I decided it would not hurt to check again. This time, instead of looking between the gap of the fan, because my fan is in the shape of an open triangle, I decided to put the fan on its side to see if anything will fall out. Like magic, the bus passes flew down to the bed. I was so happy, I cried and began to laugh with the relief that I would not have to buy the tickets.
I called my mom and my sisters to let them know that I found the bus passes. I even promptly placed the passes in my wallet, ready to be placed in their respective homes.
The following day, I proudly snuck the passes back where they belong, as the other aids silently celebrated.
That event taught me a lot. I never forgot to place the tickets back where they belong. As a collective, all of the aids now remind each other to put the tickets back where they belong. I also place the passes in my wallet when we travel, so they will not have the opportunity to slip out and go missing. It is an event I never want to experience again.


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