Blogging 101 – Day 12

The Promise
Three weeks before your 19th birthday
You were excited
So was I
I promised you I would be home to celebrate.
I was to leave
My car pack and ready to go
Back to my dorm
You were leaving to go home
I knew that I would miss your goodbye.
The conversation started like any other
We both said goodbye
Knowing my departure time
I told you I would see you in three weeks
That’s when you froze.
I explained my schedule
My long disappearance
Where I was going
How long the time would be
Why it was three weeks.
How was I to know
What our last conversation would be
Of my promise to see you in three week
My promise to celebrate your birthday
Your last words being “You better”
Mine was “I promise”
How was I to know
That it would be the last time we smiled and wave
The conversation is stuck
In my head
My heart
In my life
It hurts
The memory replaying,
Of now knowing.
But I am still stuck
See I kept my promise
But you never did
So here is my last conversation
To help me say

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