Blogging 101 Prompt 6

Today’s Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

The most interesting person that I have met is the student that I have worked with this past year. Due to security reasons, I cannot use her name throughout this post. I have tried to pick someone else, but I could not think of anyone else that I would want to talk about. This post was a little hard to do. Please let me know what you think.

A little over a year ago, I was hired to be a one on one aid for a young woman in a wheel chair. I was only given the information that she was a senior in high school, her name, classroom, and that she was in a wheelchair. Nothing else. A little while later, I would find out that a friend’s mom have been working with her and I will soon be taking over her job. I was also told a bit more information, stuff that I would know what to do for the day and what to expect.

A few weeks later I finally got to meet her. A young woman with scrawny arms and legs sitting in a fitted green wheelchair. She seemed so much smaller than I imagine, but I figured the contracted legs and arms, as well as the wheelchair, made her seem small. Her blue eyes sparkled with strength and her smile lit up the room, replacing the words that she could not speak. She has long straight brown hair that was styled in a messy bun updo. That day she was wearing black sweat pants, a pink jacket, and purple and pink shoes. I realize that she was tube fed, and her pump was in a little backpack in the back of her wheelchair.

Over the next few weeks I got to learn about her preferences. I learned that she loved dogs through her excitement over seeing dogs on our daily outings. Her preference to be with people, and how she is a very social butterfly. She enjoyed all the shenanigans that happened in the classroom and hated being left out in any and all class activities. She enjoyed being on the city bus, and staying on it just to see the traffic of people. Over the months I also learned that she was a planner, and planned her little activities.  She also enjoyed making messes and watching other people clean it up, knowing that she could not clean up the messes due to her condition. I also realize how expressive and demanding at times she could be. Through her different smiles, as well as facial expressions, she spoke volumes of her wants, needs, and desires.

As months went by, I slowly learned her different expressions. She mainly carried her smile, but I started to learn about her different smiles. When you asked a yes or no questions a full smile, that light up her face and brings her body up, means yes. If she ignores you or what your are holding up, it was a no. A smile with a hand out towards you means that she want what you are eating. It was a smile of hope of you sharing and her being able to eat normal food, full of flavors and textures. However, as time went by, she has changed this gesture from a smile to an open mouth in hopes you will just plop your whole lunch in her mouth. She also had a sly smile, a smile that was not as big as her happy yes smile, but had a mischievous glint in her eyes, meant she was planning something or manipulating someone. It was also though this smile that I learned what a twisted mind this young woman had. She enjoyed seeing me in a walking boot, the P.E teacher almost falling off the ladder, or anything else on that path, like slapstick comedy. I have gotten use to smile and the laugh that sometimes associated with this smile. It tells me what is happening in our area. It is this laugh that other people mistaken this young woman for being happy, and she knows it. She has learned the art of laughing and how to get people to do her bidding. Beyond her smiles and laughs, she also has a pucker face. The first pucker face is done as though you ate something very sour. This face is associated with foods she does not like. The other pucker is softer, and it makes her look like she is about to cry. I am still working with this expression, since it is new, but I believe it means that she is upset about something, or is not feeling well.

In all, she is a lovely young woman who is not only lovable but fun. We enjoy our adventures and being with the crowd. Even through her hardships with her body, she is resilient and continues to fight in enjoying her day and doing normal activities. I enjoy getting to spend the day with her, and get excited over anything new we get to experience. I am looking forward to the many new adventures we will have together.


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