A lovely January Update

I am so sorry for not getting to you this weekend. My weekend was shot with helping my mom and my sister out this weekend.Let’s just say that a stray dog and my grandma took up every bit of time.  I was not even able to get in some reading. I am even sad over the fact that I was not able to participate in the National Read-a-thon. However, I just wanted to tell you this amazing news.

Recently, I went onto WordPress and saw a message for one of my reviews. An author had contact me about one of the books that I have recently reviewed. I am not only happy, but I am excited in the prospect that an author has read my reviews. I was notified that there was a problem in converting the book to ebook, and that they changed and corrected the errors. I am hoping to get a new copy, and to quickly write a new review. I am even happy that the author liked my book review.

I do hope that your weekend went well, and that you got a chance to experience a lot of adventures along the way. See you next time and Happy Reading!


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