Divergent Review

I decided to go to my drafts and find some blogs that I did not post. However, in looking at all my drafts I found this little gem and decided that I needed  to post this. I finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth in March of 2014. This must of have been the time in which I was trying to stay consistent with my blogging, but was failing miserably. I do hope that you will enjoy this way to late post.

10684183Divergent is about a girl name Triss who lives in a post apocalyptic Chicago, where people live in one of five factions. All sixteen year olds are require to take a test to show them which faction they would fit best in. The following day, these sixteen year olds then choose to live in the faction they believe that they best fit into or to live in their home faction. Triss, goes through to test to discover that she is Divergent and she makes a choice to live in a different faction. After she leaves the ceremony, she goes through training and is fighting to survive training as well as trying to survive in a world that does not accept divergence.

I must say that I did enjoy the book more than I thought I would. I was not sure if I would take to this new post apocalyptic world.  I am a bit fussy with world building and how futuristic worlds are formed. Veronica Roth’s world is formed really well, but she forms it really slow. Nothing really happens until after the choosing ceremony. After that, the book starts moving and you become attach to the world and the characters.

I love how strong Roth made her characters, especially Triss. I love how Triss is observant and thinks about her actions and what they mean throughout the book. She constantly compares her former self to the new one that is being built at her new home. I enjoy how she realizes that no matter what, she will be a little bit of everything and that is her true self. I also enjoy how she wrote the other characters such as Will, Christina, and Four. Each character has their own strength and weakness.

In the end, I gave this book four out of five stars.  I enjoyed the characters and the plot, and believe that everyone will, as well.  I do recommend this book to everyone. It is a very eye opening experience, in which it makes you realize how your choices can impact your life.

I do hope that you enjoy this little review. Have amazing adventure and Happy Reading.




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