The Serpent’s Shadow Review

12893742I know that it has been a long time, but I do want to get The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan reviewed before the end of this year. I must say that I enjoyed the book.  It was fast pace, and action pact. I gave the book five out of five stars on Goodreads.

To begin, the story is about Carter and Sadie finishing what they have started in trying to save the world by defeating Apophis. In the beginning they are trying to grab some scrolls that have the secrete to help defeat Apophis, however when they failed they needed to make allegiance with a ghost in order to grab the information in another way. Throughout the time, both Carter and Sadie are divided into two groups in hopes of finding the answer and defeating Apophis.

There are a lot of qualities that I did enjoy. One was seeing some of our old characters.  I enjoyed being able to see how all of our old friends have changed since we have last seen them, and how they are faring since the last book. I also enjoyed that Rick showed that time passed between the books and just gives us a quick synopsis of what happened in the past few month, but does not go into a lot of detail.  Just enough information to understand how it relates to the present situation for our characters. Finally, I got to enjoy some of the terminology that the older kids and the Brooklyn House created to groups of people or places, as well as how living has changed and been adapted for everyone. For example, ankle biters for kindergarten age children. You also have students going to school and school dances and balancing normal life and the life of a magician.

However, with everything that I enjoyed from the book, there were a few problems that I have with the series. One was the hint of another spin off series. I have not read the two short novellas that cross Percy’s world and theirs, however, he was hinting something much bigger than a couple of novellas. I would love to see a crossover, but the hints were a little too much.It was not just in this book, the hints existed throughout the series. I am wondering when these books will come out. The other thing that I did not like is kind of a spoiler. In one way I am glad that Rick Riordan saved this character, but I am not happy about the lack of explanation surrounding the solution to the saving and how this rescue did not need to follow some of the other rules. If I go into details, I might give out spoilers, hence the vague description of what I am trying to convey. The last problem that I have is how the book ended. The book kind of just ended with we might see you soon, kind of an ending. There was a conclusion, but again hinted at another spin off series or another book.

In the end, I would recommend this book to everyone. In fact, I would recommend the series to everyone. I know that the first book is a little slow, but it is worth the time and the commitment to read this series. I know that everyone will enjoy the characters and the world. Everyone will also enjoy magic that exist and the power of these kids understanding their full potential and power, knowing how not to go beyond their limit, but still explore that unknown.

I do hope that you will have a wonderful and happy New Years. May 2015 be better than 2014.  Filling your year with fun adventures, friends, and joy. Happy New Year and Happy Reading!


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