The End of the End of the Year Reading Sprint 2014

The end of the year reading sprint was so much fun. Thank you for being a part of it. I am sorry that we did not get to do any planned reading sprints together after the first day, but I was a bit busy.

My second day did not go as planned. I decided to sleep in a bit and when I woke up my family decided to go to Barnes and Noble. My mom was having problems with her new nook and I discovered that I was not able to solve her problems. So the trip to Barnes and Noble was mainly to fix her nook. However, we all spent some time in their creating our own wish list of books we wish we could get. We ended up spending a couple of hour there and then we had dinner.  In the end of that day, I was able to finish UnEnchanted, but was not able to get to Lovestruck in London.

On the third day, I just focused in on reading. I did focus in on Lovestruck in London. I was able to finish the book, and finish my reading goal for 2014. I was also working on The School for Good and Evil but was not able to finish the book. I might be able to finish the book by this year. I am a little over halfway through the book, having about 138 pages left. If I can keep up my speed, it should take me about 2 to 3 hours to complete this book.

In addition, I also went through my reading list and decided to get rid of some the books that I claimed that I was reading, discovering that I would not be reading them for different reason, such as I don’t like to read on my cell phone, or I completely lost interest in the book. A couple of the books I got rid of because I just don’t remember what was happening and decided it was best to start all over.  Not having plans to read them in January, I decided it was time to get rid of that list. I can tell you it feels uplifting to decrease that list. It also feels uplifting to be able to know I read just as many books that I took off of that list.

In the end, I believe that the End of the Year Reading Sprint was a huge success. I have learned a lot about creating an event and it was great that you were here to try it out with me. It has given me some ideas for next year, in how I can improve the event if I do it again next year. I hope it was for you and I cannot wait to see you soon. Enjoy the end of the year and Happy Reading!


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