End of the Year Reading Sprint – Day One

How did the first day of the End of the Year Reading Sprint went for you?

For me, it was not that bad. I was able to complete a book today and started completing another, and sadly discovered that I had to replace one of my book with another due to the fact that I lost my place in that book and just decided to reread the book later on next year.

The book that I got rid of is Defying Mars by Cidney Swanson and I am replacing it with Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn. As I mentioned earlier I lost my place in Defying Mars and discovered that I did not post where I was at on Goodreads. Due to the fact that I wanted to get a lot of reading done, I decided it was best for me to replace that book, than to spend a few hours trying to find my place. I also realized that I was not in the mood for a space adventure and wanted a little bit of the fairy tale adventure. So far Unenchanted is not disappointing. In fact, it has come to my senses that I do not know all of my Grimm Fairy Tales.

So in all, it was a good day. I have finished one book, The Sudarshana by Aiki Flinthart, and I am over half way done with another.  I am hoping that tomorrow if everything goes right I might be able to get two books done tomorrow. I would love to finish Unenchanted, which I have 82 pages left, and Lovestruck in London which I have 151 pages left.

I do hope that your first day went wonderfully well, and that you enjoyed all of your adventures. I look forward to many more sprints with you and a chance to share our adventures together. I also hope that your holiday season is going great. Happy Reading, and see you tomorrow.


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