The Throne of Fire Review

I am so excited to give you the review of the second installment of the Kane Chronicles – The Throne of Fire, by Rick Riordan. I must say that this book was better than its predecessor. I ended up giving this book five out of five stars on good read. Before I talked about what I liked and did not like about the book, let me give you a quick little review.

9067850The second book focus on Sadie and Carter working together to revive the old king Ra in order to help them defeat his nemesis Apophis. To do that, they would need to grab Ra and go through the original cycle that Ra went through to restore order and to bring balance to both the gods and the mortal world.

I really enjoyed getting to see our old characters as well as some new ones. It was also fun to add the element of Carter being both sure of his decision, but at the same time unsure as to how it would all work out. I also enjoyed seeing how both Carter and Sadie have grown since the last time we saw them. This time we get to see how they have grown with not only working with each other and their ability to use magic, but at the same time growing as leaders and teachers as they are now teaching their students the path of the gods. I also loved the introduction of the other gods and the problem of the decision that both Sadie and Carter are making in order to save the world from chaos. Seeing both side of an argument. Finally, I am also enjoying getting a chance to see how both the Kane world and Percy’s world are colliding and how Carter is seeing some of the other religions. It is making me wonder what plans Rick have in store for us.

However, with some good, there are a few moments that I wished that were tweaked.  One was how slow the beginning of the book went. I swear that the book moved faster towards the later quarter of the book. I feel as though there was not a lot of action and drama in the beginning and middle parts of the book. It was mainly held at the end. There was some action and drama at the beginning part of the book, but not as much as the end of the book. I do not mind the luls, however I wished that the drama and action were spaced apart evenly. The second problem that I had was some of the choices that both Sadie and Carter made. However, I am a bit more upset with choices Carter made.  Rick Riordan set up that Carter was the smarter of the two siblings, however some of the choices that he made in this book made me wonder if it was not Sadie who was the smart one.

In all, I really enjoyed the book and do recommend the book to everyone. The adventure and magic was wonderful, as well as getting to see the complexity of the Egyptian gods and lifestyles. I know that everyone will enjoy not only seeing the old characters but the new ones as well.

In all, I do hope that for those who celebrated Christmas, that you holiday went well, and for those of you about to celebrate Kwanzaa, Happy Kwanzaa. In all, I do hope that your holidays are going wonderful, full of love, laughter, and adventure. Happy Reading!


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