The Creatures of the Night

I saw this “The Creatures of the Night” book tag and decided that it would be fun to do. I do hope that you will enjoy this little Halloween treat.  The tag consist of 10 creatures in which you must pick a book that best represents the creature of choice. However, I am adding an additional book to the mix, since I am not sure where to place it. So let’s begin


  1. Vampire – I am going to go with Nora Roberts Circle Trilogy. The trilogy focuses on a group of six unlikely heroes banning together to fight off a vampire army. One of the reasons why I chose this book is that part of the six is a Vampire name Cain who helps the others train in how to defeat others like him.  It is an interesting struggle to see him fighting both the good and bad in him, and trying to choose what is best. The other reason is her strong female villain, Lilith. Even though Lilith is a bit psychotic, she is not afraid to kick some butt.
  2. Werewolf – For this creature, I am choosing the Seasons of the Moon series by S.M.Reine. She wrote a really strong female lead coming to terms in becoming a Werewolf. I also like how she structure the world and the opposing and supporting forces for werewolves. The world is just dynamic and she has characters that you both love and hate. I also loved how everything comes into a full circle.
  3. Zombie -I must admit that I have not read a book about zombies, so for this creature I am will be stretching it a bit by choosing The House of Hades from Rick Riordan Heroes of Olympus Series. I have not read a story where the main character is a zombie, or a lot of books where there are zombies in them (sorry). However, I do love how Nico has the ability to call upon the dead to help his friends fight off monsters in order to save their friends who are coming from Tartarus.  The scene I am talking about is where our heroes get split off and Nico is with Jason, Piper, and Frank fighting off monsters and he calls upon the Dead Roman soldiers to help them in battle.
  4. Ghost – For this creature of the night, I am choosing the book The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade. This is a cute book in which a ghost and a teenager work together to discover their true talent to help their town ghosts pass over into the light. I really enjoy this book, in which you get to meet interesting ghost from all walks of life, and their belief in what can help them cross over. In addition, I enjoyed the character development of both of our main characters in discovering who they are and how they fit into this reality.
  5. Witch/Warlock/Spellcaster – Another Nora Roberts Trilogy! The Three Sisters Island Trilogy.  This Trilogy focuses on the growth and power of these three female witches to fight off a curse that was place on the island over a hundred years ago.  It is nice to see the development of these characters in not only who they are, but who they are with their powers and understanding their strength.
  6. Fairy/Fae – When looking through my past books, the best book that I could think of was Easy Bake Coven by Liz Schulte. This book looks into the world of the supernatural. You are dealing with all forms of the creatures of the night in this book. However, there is a heavy influence of the Fae as well as Witches. This book does establish the politics of the Fae world as well as setting the book up for the following books in the series. It was interesting to see through the perspective of a half Fae, and the powers that they posses.
  7. Demon – This is another creature that I have not read a lot of books on. A good book to read that has a demon is Scary Mary by S.A. Hunter. This book focuses on a girl who has the ability to hear ghosts and ends up dealing with a demon that has posses a house and hurts those who live into his home. This book has the right level of scary with a bit of humor and suspense.
  8. Angel – I have not read any books where it is evident that there are angels. However, I believe that I have a series that is close to a main character being an angel. The Riley Bloom Series by Alyson Noel, is about a 12 year old ghost who goes around helping other ghosts find peace so that they can cross. I do classify an Angle as any being helping to a brighter, richer life.
  9. Alien  – For alien, I am going with Saving Mars by Cidney Swanson. This book is about a female pilot who goes to earth to get her plant rations so that her colony can survive on Mars. It focuses on her adventures on Earth, as well as her coming to terms with decisions and consequences of actions that have been made to save her planet. This is a really great book to read, and I recommend everyone to read it.
  10. Superpowered Human – I am going with Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. I believe that it is a super power to bring characters from books to life. It is also a really cool gift to have. In addition, our main character Meggie not only has that power, but the power to go into books.
  11. An Additional BookThe Beasts and the Maidens by M.E. Timmons. I guess this book could have gone under Witch, but it is also a book about monsters and a curse. The book is about a population men who are born as beasts and the only way for them to become men is if young women fall in love with them. Selene, is a young witch who researches about the quests and makes it her personal mission to help her brothers as well as their friends find the cure. It is an amazingly good book to read. the characters are lovable and realistic, and the format of the story is a mixture of both old and new fairy tale.

I do hope that you enjoyed this little treat as much as I enjoyed participating in it.  I hope that your Halloween will be safe and fun. Happy reading!


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