Religion in books?

I was watching this video and I decided to go through my library and books that I have read to see if I had read any books that delved into religion, that is not in the “christian genre”. Not just skimming and using it as a reference, but going deeper for meaning and understanding or people and our world.  It is interesting to note, that I was not really able to find any books that went deep into religion. Any of the books that did partially touch religion skimmed it and never really used it or talked about it. Some of the books that I believe that do use religion is Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Walter looks at the perspective of religion in a soldiers sense. The meaning of whether or not god is there and his benefits.  It is not prevalent throughout the book. it exist in small excerpt scenes, and it gives you that gimps of that conversation that the character is having with himself at the time. For Harper Lee, she uses religion as a means to highlight the racism that existed during that time period and how being a good christian is defined by being good to other whites.

Other than these two books, all my other books skim the religious content. I can tell you which books have some form of a creationism story mainly used to help us understand the effect of different locations or religion being seen at a death. I would love to go beyond that skimming. I would also love to go beyond the Christian religion. A book that mixes different religions and delves into these religions and shows us there effects on the characters.

Ariel is right that books really do not talk about religion in depth. Am I missing something beyond that it is considered a risque topic? Am I looking in the wrong genre? If so, why isn’t religion talked about in other genres? Why don’t I see this topic in young adult, or fantasy? And what does this mean about our society, that we don’t (can’t find) this topic in book? Doesn’t religion heavily influence out lenses in how we see and understand our world?

I am really interested in your opinions. Please let me know what you think. Happy Reading


One thought on “Religion in books?

  1. Rare to find people like you who truly wants to get deeper insights into what real religion is all about. Here I give you this link into a plethora of free online read, delving into ancient, yet timeless wisdom of the Vedas, which is where it all began. The first text at the very top, is spoken directly by the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself 5000 years ago in erstwhile India. Happy reading 🙂

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