The Blood of Olympus Predictions

With the new release of Rick Riordan’s book The Blood of Olympus coming out in a few days, I can honestly say I am excited and ready to read the final book. In addition, it has been great seeing some of the clues the Riordan have sent out to some booktubers, and I would love to share you my thoughts and theories that will happen the last book. I must note, if you have not read the series, there will be spoilers of the first four book. After all, I am basing my predictions and theories off of the first four books as well as Riordan’s previous series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, so I will not know if my theories and predictions will be true for the final book of this series.

Here is the link to all the videos of Booktubers who were able to receive clues. The also gave their predictions as to what will happen. I must admit, I tired to put the clues down below, but I am sorry for any misspellings.  There are some words that I was not able to find in order to spell correctly.  Please do check out the videos.  Most of the clues will be read around the middle of the videos.

  1. Clues that were given
    1. Hazel – Hazel stuck the point of her spatha under Niki’s chin. ‘Explain’ her voice was harder than what Leo had ever hear. ‘Which of us will die? How do we stop it?’ Niki says, ‘Ah, Child of Pluto your magic help you cheat in this contest but it will not help you cheat your destiny. One of you will die, one of you must die.’”
    2. Jason – Jason knew that he shouldn’t look, but he couldn’t close his eyes as Juno went super nova revealing her true godly form. Pain seared through Jason’s mind. His body burned away like layers of an onion.”
    3. Leo – It was a long shot. If he failed it would crush him. Not just emotionally but physically crush him.”
    4. Percy – Jason had never met this particular giant, but he heard stories. Polybots shook his dreadlocks. A dozen serpents swam free. Each one lime green with a frill crown around its head. Basilisks. ‘Indeed son of Rome, if you excuse me my immediate business is with Percy Jackson. I tracked him all the way across Tartarus. Now here in his father’s ruins, I mean to crush him once and for all.’”
    5. Piper – Aphrodite’s words came back to Piper. ‘You must bridge the gap between Roman and Greek, my dear child. Neither storm nor fire will succeed without you.’ Aphrodite had warned her of what was to come. Had told her what Piper would have to do to stop Gaea. Whether or not she will have the courage, Piper did not know.”
    6. Reyna – She couldn’t tell her friends how much she feared ghosts. Oh why she feared them. The whole reason why she and her sister had run away from San Juan, all those years ago. That secret had to stay buried.”
    7. Nico – The wind god… had warned him in Croatia. ‘If you let your ager rule you. Your fate will be sadder than mine.’ How could his fate be anything but sad? Even if he lived through this quest, he would have to leave both camps forever.”
    8. Frank – Frank ran out of arrows. He changed into a rhinoceros and leaped into battle. But as fast as he could knock down the giants. They got up again. Their wounds seemed to be healing faster.”
    9. Annabeth – ‘That’s my point,’ Percy said. ‘We don’t know what’s down there. I am going with you.’ ‘No,’ Annabeth said with her hand on his arm. ‘The giants want our blood. The last thing we need is a boy and a girl going down there together. Remember they want one of each to make the sacrifice.’”
  2. Octavian – This is one of the characters that everyone hate, including me. When I first read about Octavian, all I could think of was that he was the roman equivalent to Luke. He was angry and war happy. Part of the reason why I thought he was working with Gaea is the fact that he knew about the Greek camp and was trying to convince some of the other Romans to believe that the Greeks exists and that the Greek camp needs to be destroyed. How else would he know about the possibility of a Greek Camp without Gaea? In the second book of the series, you can see that only Reyna, Jason, Percy and Nico knew about both camps. Jason and Percy found out about the other camps due to Hera, and Nico found out through his father Hades, However Reyna was the only person in the series to personally know about both camps through experiences and seeing different quests. Nobody else in the Roman camp truly believed in a Greek camp. Also, by destroying the Greek camp, Octavian is helping Gaea by proving both camps a distraction from Gaea and her forces from destroying the world.
  3. List of people who I believe will die
    1. Reyna – I don’t want Reyna to die, I really like Reyna and her leadership skills. She is a marvelous leader, and I believe that she is under appreciated. She is the example of what a leader is by thinking about her people and the world before herself. Because of her leadership skills, I do believe that she will get the statue back to Greek camp and will have to fight with Octavian to stop the battle. I cannot decide if she will be killed by Octavian or be killed due to the complication of her injuries.
    2. Octavian – Other than the fact that I would probably be okay if he died, I do believe that he will die due to the fact that he is a pawn, whether he is Gaea’s pawn or not. I see that there will be a battle between him and Reyna because Reyna always had to shove him aside and get him away from the most powerful positions of the camp. This battle that him and Reyna will have will determine his power over the camp as well as the major fight with the Greeks.
    3. Nico – I really do not want Nico to die. He is one of my favorite characters from the Percy Jackson series. However, it make sense that he will die because he is not very social with the living and is much more comfortable with the dead. Also, his clue suggest that he might just sacrifice himself for the quest. In addition, he also does not belong in this time period. He was born in the 1930’s and had escaped death due to his father.
    4. Hazel – Another character I do not want to see dead. However, the book suggest that Hazel might go because her time is short. She does not belong. She has already died and has come back to life. Hence, the short time span of getting to live life.
  4. Epic battle scenes
    1. Camp Half Blood – I know I have made it known that Octavian and Reyna will fight with each other, but I also believe that a battle will take place. As much as I would love for it to just not go beyond Reyna and Octavian, I have a feeling that everyone at both camps will fight with each other and blood will be drawn. I am also curious to see if those Demigods that have fallen, if there blood will be used to help wake up Gaea.
    2. Greece – Obviously, we know that there will be a big epic battle scene. I am hoping that no one will die. I am not entirely sure what will go down or what will happen, but I am sure that our seven heroes will succeed and defeat Gaea.
  5. What will happen to Camp Jupiter as well as Camp Half Blood – As I have mentioned, I do believe that both camps will battle and that Reyna and Octavian will battle with each other as a means to see what will happen to the fate of the two camps. I do believe that Reyna will win and that both camps will somehow unite. However, I do see that there will have to be some demigods that will end up having to be a liaison to help unite both camps.  The best people for the job would be Percy, Jason, and Nico since all of them know how both camps work and have experienced both camps.
  6. Hopeful/ wishful thinking about life after this quest for our characters – I really hope that no one, for the exception of Octavian (I know that this is bad) will die. Okay, maybe Octavian can live, as long as he gets punished for his crimes. I do want everyone to live and be happy. I do hope that both camps will connect with each other and that Jason would not have to choose between the two camps and that both Percy and Jason can improve both with their experiences. I also want Nico to feel wanted and welcome. Nico is such an important hero that I do feel as though both Percy and Jason will make sure that Nico is accepted into both camps. Of course I do want Annabeth and Percy to be together happily as well as Jason and Piper.  For Hazel and Frank, I do hope that they can both be Preators, but they will also be able to stay with each other. For Leo, I do hope that he will get back to that island and help Clypso escape and that the gods would apologize to her(though I don’t expect the apology).   Finally, I do hope that Reyna will be able to retire from being Preator and just enjoy life. She deserves it.
  7. Questions
    1. Will there be a Roman equivalent to Luke?
    2. Is there still a Roman and Greek camps in Italy and Greece? If so, who trains those Demi Gods? How are the similar and different to Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter?

Those are my theories and predictions. I do hope that you enjoyed them, as well as your weekend. Please let me know what you think and Happy Reading!


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