February check in

So let’s see how much reading I will get done this weekend. I am hoping to get a lot more in than what can actually happen I guess. I am taking the bus to amtrak to Merced this weekend to go to a party down in Menefee. First time taking public transit by myself out of my hometown. I am really nervous. At least I have my books. I would not know what to do with out them. I might not get any reading done on the train, but I know that I will get in some reading done soon. Though it is a little to cold and wet for me to do anything. I do have this desire to find warmth and stay there. I am hoping warmth will have food, I am hungry. I did not eat a good lunch at 12.

So to check in for February, I have read nothing I far. I have started “Mark of Athena” by Rick Riodan. It is good, but I am not really feeling it with this book that I had with the two previous books. It might be because I was force to take that little break. That break was enough for me to just want to relax and listen to music. I still need to finish “Princess of Glass”. That book is just going a little to slow for me. I want something to happen. It might just ex to predictable for me as well.

Well I do hope that you will stay warm this weekend. Hopefully it will be filled with the adventures from your favorite tales. Happy reading!


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