Life and a Blood Moon Harvest Review

So much has happened in such a short period of time. I was able to finish reading Blood Moon Harvest and have started Moon of the Terrible. In fact, I am about half way though Moon of the Terrible. So far the Cain Chronicles are getting stronger and improving as I am reading them. In addition, I have about two chapters left of Clean Well-lighted Sentences. I am hoping to finish both books by the end of this week, and to at least start on Red Rose Moon and Perfect Scoundrels by next week.

However, yesterday was my most productive day. I do not know why, but I got so much done it was crazy. I woke up did my morning routine and took my sister to school. Afterwards I did two loads of laundry, one load of dishes, went shopping for food (dinner), bought lunch, took out the trash, did about two hours of math using Khan Academy, and got through half of Moon of the Terrible, as well as reading a chapter from Clean Well-lighted Sentences. I ended the day making dinner that no one touched because they all went somewhere else for dinner, and then to a meeting. How can I not feel good about myself with a day like that? Have you ever had a day that you felt was so productive that you could not help it but feel proud? 

Sadly, today was not that much productive. I did read, mainly from the grammar book, and an hour of math, and took my brother to work. I do think that the time shift from 7:50 to 8am made a difference. That ten minutes just made me really productive. Speaking of productivity, let’s get onto the review. 

Blood Moon Harvest,by S.M. Reine, is the second book of the Cain Chronicles. This follows from the point of after the proposal and Abel getting shot to the Werewolves having to move back to California for protection due to the threat that lingers with Cain and the other demons. 

I must say that I really did enjoy this book. Much better than the first book! Not as much review, and the parts that we did have a review on was not that bad. I actually enjoyed the different perspective of the same set of events. There were some lull moments in which the characters really did nothing by walked around and chill. Those parts were a little boring. However, the threats and action that existed throughout the book was amazing and fun to read. 

I did give this book four out of five stars on Goodreads. I did enjoy the book, but I did not end the book in complete fandom. Though, I will recommend this book to everyone. As long as you read the Seasons of the Moon series, you really do not need to read the first book, and you can jump into the second book. 

I do hope that you will have a great week. Hopefully, I will make a vlog reviewing this book soon. Happy Reading!


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