October wrap up and 1st November review

Okay, I know that I have not made any recent post, but I do have good news. I did finish one book and I have calculated how many books and pages I have read for the month of the October.

So let’s begin with the October review. I have read a total of 12 books making a total of 2569 pages. This made me wish that I could be paid to read. Don’t you feel the same? If we got paid per page, we would be rich! But alas, I believe that would take the fun out of reading.  In the end, October was a good month for reading. Many of the book I enjoyed reading, however there were a few books that I ended up a bit upset with when I was finished reading them.

The story that I finished reading is New Moon Summer by R.M Rein. This story sets up the rest of the series. However, I must say that I was not okay with this book. It was too slow and the problem of the series did not truly exist until the end of the book. However, she did set up the secondary problem which if I told you I would ruin the story.

In the end, I would give this book three out of five stars on Goodreads. The writing was slow, along with the plot development. I was planning to not finish the series until the end of the book, in which she ended the book with a major cliffhanger, making me want to see what will happen next. However, I cannot give this book more than three stars, because I just feel that this book was just a filler book. There were to many reviews of the previous series and what happened for me to even like this book beyond the rating that I have given the book.

I do hope that your weekend is going great and I hope to talk to you soon. Happy reading!


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