Help with History

Today’s little blog entry will not necessarily relate to my pleasure reading or to one of the many tags that I have found online that seems like fun to do. However, today’s blog will focus on what to do when you are board of a book but you need to read it, for example school. Usually, I would just move forward with the textbook praying that I do not fall asleep or get easily distracted by Facebook, Youtube, and other sites. However, this component will be difficult. I not only need to read this boring textbook, but I need to get a 13 year old to read the textbook and learn from it.

I would not be complaining if it were not for the fact that this is all on my and the student’s time. This student is not even taking the course. I am not about to hand this student some boring mundane tasks just for the child to complete it. I know that this student will not learn from it. I need to make it interesting and much more enjoyable. I need something that is a bit more memorable, definitely beyond notes. Notes are a little pointless for this kid, as well as for me. I would love this student to watch Youtube videos, however, I need proof that this student has watched them, as well as have learned from them. There are a few good videos online for them, but I know that it is just as easy to watch cat and music videos, hence the proof. In addition, we are working on a larger project, but we have not made decisions on what this student will do and how this student is going to present the information that this student has learned.

So my main question would be what would you do when you come across something that is boring but you need to read it anyway? What would you do for a teenager to get them to read this book? Please provide your thoughts below.  Thank you for your help… Happy Reading!


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