The Horrors at the End of a Book!

Okay, so I just finished reading Scary Mary by S.A Hunter and I am now at the point of “What do I do now?” So what do you do when you finish a book?

For me it is a bit of a mourning process. I have now said goodbye to my new friends and now I am lost as to where to go and what to do. I know the simple process is to pick up another book and start reading, but for me it is so hard getting over the loss of new friends. It might be why I love reading series. I spend more time with the characters and procrastinate in saying goodbye.  

Depending on my schedule and what I have planned, I might take a few hours reflecting over what I have read and the experiences and friendships that I encounter. Again, procrastinating on saying “goodbye.” When I finally pick up another book, I am ready to move on and excited on getting to meet new friends and going onto new adventures.

However, it is a process that is never consistent with me. During Booktube-a-thon, I was able to get to another book easily because of the fact that I had a goal in mind. In addition, I also finished a book in one day and started another the following day, stilling giving myself that magical time to get over the loss of new friends. In addition, I also had a set list of what I was going to read and the order I was going to read. I never before had a set list, giving myself to chance and fate as to what my next book would be. In addition to all of that, I also believe that my final review posted on my blog helped me get over the books and to start reading a new one. Why? Well, let’s just say high school has something to do with it. In high school, we would read books and then do a project or a paper at the end of the book. I always hated having to do something at the end and questioned the process. Why do we need to write a paper about the book that we just read? Why could we not talk about the book and move on a natural pace. However, that instilled a very bad habit. I realize now, that I am so use to either talking about my book to someone or writing about it, that it does affect my process on moving on. After high school, whenever I read a book, I usually talked to my mom or a friend. However, I am not able to do that because now, no one else is reading the same book that I am reading. Hence, my blog is that paper at the end of the book. This is my way to getting that conversation through and being able to start a discussion about the books I am reading. I must say that this paper is far more superior to the ones I wrote in college and high school.

Now I know that for many of you this seems a little stupid. I mean, technically, I am not losing friends I am gaining more friends. I can easily reread the books that I love so much and continue reading new books. However, for me rereading does not work that well. I love getting to be with our characters, not knowing what twists and turns will come our way and grow with them. When I reread a book, I feel as though that magical part of the book will be gone. I know what will happen next, and my attitude will change as one of agreeing with the characters to one of wishing I can transport myself into the book and tell them of their future. I can, and have, reread book. However, the books that I have reread, multiple times, are the ones that I would not want to change anything, or feel as though my contribution to the book will not change a thing.

So now that you know my process, what is yours? What do you do when you end a book or a series? Do you mourn for the loss of your new best friends? Or do you believe that I should get psychiatric help for having this problem? I do not know.

However, I do know that I will give you the review for Scary Mary really soon and may you continue on your adventures. Happy Reading!


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