Rain Song Review

So far this month is going great. I am 60% done with Scary Mary, and have finished Rain Song. This weekend at my dad’s place house sitting is what the doctor ordered. However, I really need to get dishes washed and paperwork completed and organized for tomorrow. Nevertheless, I needed to take a break and what is a better break that writing a blog post. I can tell you it is better than the countless hours that I spend on YouTube or Facebook. I also want to thank everyone for all his or her feedback and likes during this past week. I am really enjoying the input, and keep it up.

So let me go on with the review of Rain Song, by Alice J. Wisler. The book follows a 30-year-old woman who is haunted by her past from her former life in Japan. All she remember was living there and the plane ride back when she was two, however the loss of her mother took a huge toll on her. It follows her journey from ignoring everything related to Japan, to actually finding out about her past and confronting her fears.

This book is part of a series; however, with much research into the rest of the series, it looks as though the series follow a similar pattern and not the character. This upset me because there are many questions that I have about the character and her development.

I can say that I did enjoy the book and quickly loved the characters and the problem. Both the characters and the conflict of the story were relatable and believable. I also was caught up in needing to know what happened next in the story and to see what decisions our main character, Nicole, would make. All the good and positive quirks that I experienced in the story really outweigh many of the negatives that I have for this book.

The first problem that I have with this book is our main character Nicole. As much as I was okay with Nicole and enjoyed how relatable and believable she was there was one major problem that I had. This problem was how distant she was with everything. This book is told by the perspective of her in the moment. However, she sounded very dull, distant, and depressed to the point of almost being monotone. I felt as though we were always in that gloomy cloud, and could not wonder if I sound like that right now in my life, if someone were to insert themselves into my head.  Any of my other problems that dealt with this character, was through the setting.

I do want to state one positive thing about the setting. The setting, landscape, was developed very well, and it is believable. Time wise, I was a little confused. I started reading this book as if we were in the year 2013. However, I had many problems with the character not being fluent in using the computer, let alone not having a Facebook account or a cell phone. This character is against anything that changes the way of life, and technology is one of the things she stays away from in fear of change. Could not understand why our character was having a hard time with technology, and for the longest time I was trying to figure out her age, because I could not believe that someone around my age hated technology that much.  I even did research for the book, and discovered that the book was written in 2008, and still could not believe the reservations that Nicole had on technology if the book was written in this time period. The book is written in such a way that you believe that it is placed in present time. However, my biggest hint that I was in the wrong year was the aunt talking to Nicole about her fears of the year 2000 and exploding computers. At that moment of time, I realized that we were in the year 1999. Let us just say the book took a completely new meaning and turn after that little discovery, and I began to understand our character’s lack of motivation for using technology and accepting change.    

The final problem that I had with this book is the ending. The author left it out in the open. Even though this is part of a series, the series does not continue on with the character. There are many questions that I have that were left unanswered. This bothers me because I would really love to see how our main character, Nicole, grew as a person and how her views of the world will continue to change.

In spite of the three problems that I have with this book, I did give this book three out of five stars on Goodreads. Originally, I gave the book four stars thinking that I could continue the series and learn more about Nicole, but after that little research, I discovered that there were no more adventures with Nicole, and decided to take a star away. I must say that if there is another book that follows Nicole, I will give this book another star, and promptly read the sequel to her adventure.

I would also recommend this book to everyone. I really want to know everybody’s view and opinion of the book. Was I just that off when I started reading this book, or did other people felt the same way and had similar experiences with the book. I also believe that other people will enjoy this book, aside from the Nicole and the setting problems that I experienced in this book. This story is quite lovable and enjoyable to read. 

I do hope that you enjoyed this review and keep responding back. Enjoy your weekend. Happy Reading!


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