EBook verse The Real Book

So, in the midst of fixing my loan payment with Sallie Mae, I am going to write another blog. If I sound angry, blame it on the company. I paid my loan, and apparently they applied all three SEPARATE checks with the loan numbers on them to one loan account! That is what I get for trying to save on postage. They can do it, but I can’t. Great double standard there. It has been fixed, but I need to check in six to eight business days. Not looking forward to that little phone call. Oh well, instead of me going on a rant about Sallie Mae, or other problems from my day, I am going to talk about books. A much more preferred topic on my end.

Today I want to talk about eBooks verses the real books. Which do I prefer? My experience with both? What I love and hate about both.

Of course, like the millions of people out there at my age, I learned how to read using real books. When I was a child, I loved the smell of a new book, and how new books feel in my hands. The newness was a great experience that I loved as a child, and who would not love such a thing. Still today, I prefer many things new, like roads. However, even now, I do not like the bulkiness of some books out there. There are many good books that exist, but carrying them around is hard, and you are limited to what you can carry. In addition, the weight is another factor that I have to add. Like many stupid teens that carried a huge backpack, I ended up pulling a back muscle and I am now limited to how much weight I can carry. In addition to weight, I tend to forget anything that does not fit into my bag. I literally have the rule; I don’t take what I cannot carry.

EBooks on the other hand, do not give me that feeling of new books in my hands, however, they are quite portable and you are able to carry several books at once. The feature that I enjoy the most is the text setting. I love changing the font size of my book. Or having the choice of backgrounds. I prefer reading from a black page with white words, not the traditional method of white paper with black words, which actually hurts my eyes. In addition, the ability to change my font size (on most books) is amazing, because of my lousy eye site. It is easier to read a book with a larger font than one with a smaller font. However, the sad part is that I have to charge it. If the battery dies, I will not be able to continue reading my book. This was a problem that I faced at Booktube-a-thon.

In the end, I would have to say that I would prefer eBook, if I were forced to pick just one. The main benefit is that I would not have to worry as to where to place my precious book once I bought them or finished reading them. This is good for me, because I do not have a space to call my own where I live. My room right now is being used for storage and my bed is given to Grandma, while Grandma’s house is being fixed.  

If you have any questions, just let me know. I do hope that your reading adventures are fun and exciting. Happy reading and see you soon!


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