Reading in School Mini series part 1: Elementary school

I must say that I truly enjoyed this mini series. Part one focuses on Elementary experience for Ariel. What was your experience?

Mine was bot positive and negative. On one hand, my mom did instill the love of reading by taking my brother and I to book stores and getting us book, as well as reading to us. On the other hand, I do not remember having a teacher telling me about their love of reading or how reading was relevant to us beyond the academics or professional life. In addition, I also got my negative experience of audio book during this time, which is not a positive in terms of reading. Finally, towards the end of elementary school, I knew that I was behind my peers and felt that I would never be truly successful in reading or writing, and elementary school did not provide me with the experience that I needed to feel successful.

When I was getting my teaching credential, it was interesting experience in a first grade classroom with the reading program that the students had to go through. I found it interesting that all of the students did not enjoy the program and hated the books that they were forced to read. This only fostered a hatred of reading with students who were great readers. I just feel as though something needs to change in order to promote better reader who have the love of reading.


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