Two in One Book Review!

So far, it is an amazing month. I got another book read. So last night I finished Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade. I am also 70% done with Ender’s Game. Hopefully, I will be finished with the book either today or tomorrow. Ender’s Game is just one of the books that I have to personally read slowly. There is a lot happening in the book that deals with so many layers.

  1. Ender’s Game  – 64% done
  2. The Ghost and the Goth
  3. Anna Dress in Blood (?)
  4. Never Say Die
  5. Scary Mary
  6. Cinderella is Evil
  7. Queen of the Dead  

Okay, so now for the two reviews.

The first review, today, will be on Cinderella is Evil, by James Campbell. This was a lovely 67-page novella that I got a few months ago for free. Originally, the title struck me and I had to get it. Who would not want the whole Cinderella story told in the perspective of one of her stepsisters?

I must say that I did love the novella and enjoy looking at this story in a different light. It rather made me wonder about the stepmother’s perspective throughout the whole story. However, I must say that even though I enjoyed the story, I kind of wish that it was a bit longer and a bit fleshed out. There were so many opportunities that the author could have made the text a bit richer and deeper. But that might be part of the charm in it. The writing style was one of the sisters actually telling you the story as though you are sitting there in her cottage for tea. The characters follow the development of the characters of the movie Ever After: A Cinderella Story. In the end, I have given this book four out of five stars on Goodreads.  As I have said, it was a good book, and I would recommend everyone to read the book.


The other book that I have read is Queen of the Dead, by Stacey Kade. The book focuses on Alona and Will discovering who they are and where they belong in both the living and the nonliving world. It starts with Will discovering that there are more people with his ability at different degrees, and trying to find out more about his father’s past. Alona on the other hand is upset over the fact that her parents have gotten over her death after two months of her being gone. Her father is replacing her with another daughter, and her mother is throwing away all of her belonging. Both Will and Alona have and argument and she want to solve her problem by herself and ends up getting into trouble.

I am sorry to say that this second book in the series did participate in the slump category. I started excited to read this book to get to know more about our characters. However, most of the book was predictable. I will put some of the blame on me for this one. I did read the synopsis of the third book, which help made the second book really predictable. In addition, I truly felt as though the character did not do a lot of development throughout this book, and many of the questions that I have about Will’s dad was not answered.

Aside from that, the book did end on a positive note, in which I am glad to say. Alona looks like she is starting change and develop a bit more. The relationship between Alona and Will have develop some, and I must say that I am proud that he has acquired some of Alona stuff to help her transition through everything. I am also glad to say that I ended the book wanting to read the last one to see what will happen to our characters. Hence, I gave this book three out of five stars on Goodreads.

I hope to see you soon, and that you will have time to read all the books that you want. Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Two in One Book Review!

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