The Ghost and the Goth Review

Okay! So reading this week is going better than the whole month of September. I actually finished a book! Sadly it is not Ender’s Game. However, it is a book that is on my October reads shelf. Then for some reason today, I took a break from reading and decided to spend time on youtube, facebook, and sleep.  However, I did get a job interview in this morning, as well as filling the car up with gas. So there was some productivity in there today.

As of now, I have finished reading The Ghost and the Goth and Cinderella is Evil. In addition,  I am 64% done of Ender’s Game and 43% done of Queen of the Dead, the sequel of The Ghost and the Goth. Which is almost an added book to my October list (shown below).

  1. Ender’s Game  – 64% done
  2. The Ghost and the Goth
  3. Anna Dress in Blood (?)
  4. Never Say Die
  5. Scary Mary
  6. Cinderella is Evil
  7. Queen of the Dead  – 43% done

Sadly, I am not going to be writing about Cinderella is Evil tonight. I will be doing a review on The Ghost and the Goth. I will get to the review on Cinderella on Sunday. I am also hoping that I will finish either Ender’s Game or Queen of the Dead by Saturday to complete another review as well.

The Ghost and the Goth is about a cheer leader, Alona, who died of a tragic accident of a school bus full of band geeks as she is walking across the street. After the first few days of being dead, has discovered an outcast boy, Will, could see her. Throughout the book, both discover their part of belonging in a world belonging to both living and the nonliving, while helping out Will’s friend  overcome the loss of a friend.

First, I must say, that I did enjoy the book. I love the format of getting the same story from two different perspectives. Both characters are believable. However, both did partake in some clichés that  I felt that it could have been skipped. They were not crucial for character development, it was just used in the beginning as a description, but her characters never went back and acted out those clichés or used them in any way. I also enjoyed the story. It was just a fun story, and enjoyed the interactions between the two characters.

In the end, I gave this book five out of five stars on Goodreads. I ended the book really looking forward  and was excited to read the second book to see how the relationship of our two main characters turn out, as well as what other adventures and mess they will go through. 


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