Blogging Moving Day and Reading for October.

Okay. I must admit that I did not get a lot of reading done this week. In addition, after thinking about for some time, I have decided to try to move my blogging days to Sunday. I will add posts if I need to, but I must say that in the end, I really think that Sunday will be the best day that I can blog. I have just not found the time in reading. As it is, I am about 42% done of Ender’s Game, and I must say that I am loving the book. I am a bit surprised that ender is only seven in this book, because the movie made him look like he was 10 – 14 years old. However, I am finding the content interesting and motivating to read. I am definitely realizing that I am slaking off in reading, and I am just kind of in a non-reading phase right now. However, I really think that I will get back into the game soon.

For October, I will finish Ender’s Game, and I am hoping to read either The Ghost and the Goth or Anna Dress in Blood. I am looking forward to doing a reading discussion on either one of those books on Goodreads for the group Young Adults Enthusiast <>. Their theme this month goes along with October, and they are reading spooky to paranormal books.

In addition to those books, I am interested in reading Never Say Die by Will Hobbs, Scary Mary by S. A. Hunter, and Cinderella is Evil by Jamie Campbell. Maybe not into the Halloween spirit for reading in October, however, I am not a fan of scary so that will be an interesting experience for me this month as I venture into a new sub-genre.

I do hope that all of your reading adventures are going wonderfully well, and happy reading!


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