Why I Love Reading: The Adventure of How it Began

file000556741865I am not sure what to say. It is not a straightforward answer on why I love reading. I love reading because it is fun and enjoyable. I love going to other places and leaving the world that I am in to go to another one that is much more different from the one that I am in. Getting to meet new people and knowing their flaws and the quirks. You get to meet so many people and make friends with so many more with each story that you read. However, my journey with book did start a bit rocky.

When I was younger, my love of reading was limited to those reading to me. Back then, I was not a strong reader, and I was not a huge fan of reading to myself.  The first book that I was able to read was Go Dog Go, by Dr. Sues. I remember when I was younger when my mom asked me to read a book I would grab that book and read it. Afterwards I would tell my mom that I read, and she would tell me to go read another book. I would then have to go back to the bookshelf and pick another book. That was one of the most helpful things that my mom did.

However, I loved getting books. I remember going into bookstores and wanting to get books. . She always encouraged us in our love of books and reading. I remember going to the bookstore and picking out books that I wanted to read. She would always control how many books each of us could get. The limit was always hard, since I always wanted more books.

To continue with my story, my love of books was slowly growing. My reading did get stronger; however, I always had to participate in afterschool reading programs to help improve my reading. One of the programs dealt with listening to stories on book on tape (i.e. audiobooks). Let’s just say my experience in the program was not one to fire in the desire for reading. I was not able to choose the book I wanted to read and I got tired of reading the same book repeatedly every day for a week.

Before I continue, I have one book that I need to mention: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I read this book in fourth grade. At the time, I had a belief that one could not put down a book that they have started. Let me tell you, that it felt like it took forever for me to get through this book. There were moments that I hate and moments that I love. However, at the end this book did teach me a few things. One of those was to always try a book out, and it is okay to stick with it. If I never stuck with this book, I would never have read or enjoyed the story of Anne and her life growing up.

Shortly after fourth grade, I moved and left that after school reading program. Moving did a lot of good. It was after the move that I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter. I enjoyed listening to the end of the second book and wanted to know more. At the time, my mom was reading the series to see what the hype was all about, and why people were upset. Shortly after Harry Potter, I was introduced to Eragon and The Series of Unfortunate Events. However, those were just good series that I got into. At the time, reading was just an activity one does to get credit in Language Arts class. I did not find “my book.”

It would not be until high school did I find “the book.” It is interesting really. It all had to do with a 9th grade English assignment where our teacher wanted us to read a book and do a report on it. I decided that I wanted to do my report on A Tale of Two Cities. (I was still not seeing myself as a reader, let alone a good English student, and wanted to impress my teacher.) However, I was not able to go past chapter three of the book. My mom was getting worried and started talking with the teacher and she decided to teach me that it is okay to drop a book that you do not like. As the reader I Have the power to decide what I want to read (on my own time), and if I do not like the book, it is okay to leave the book unfinished. It was then, she tried to find me another book and decided to let me read The Chess Garden by Brooks Hansen.

I loved reading The Chess Garden. I enjoyed every minute it. I also enjoyed talking about the book with my teacher, who apparently read it several time. When it got to the part where we were to have our final portion of the project done, she pulled me aside and asked me what I thought about the ending. Apparently, she thought I would have a hard time understanding the end (the black room), since she remember having a hard time with that part of the book when she first read it. I was able to confidently tell her that it was a representation of death and used my knowledge of science fiction and details of the book to prove my point. She was quite impressed, and at that moment, I felt like I was a successful reader. That success got me to realize that I was finally a good reader, and was nowhere near that child in grade school who was participating in that after school reading program.

After that, I truly loved reading. I still do. I enjoy getting to meet new people and traveling to far off worlds. It gives me a chance to take a break from my reality and escape from my problems. Even more so, I love the choice that I have as to whether or not I want to continue on reading a book and to see if it is for me.

I do hope that you enjoy this little story about my reading adventure and I hope to read yours as well. Happy reading!


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