Tiddlywink the Mouse review

 Let me be honest with you. I only read Tiddlywink the Mouse because it was 50 pages, and I figured it was time to read something short and fun. I thought it would be one of those books that is creative, short, and fun to read. I apparently was wrong. Tiddlywink the Mouse, by Tom Lichtenberg, is a book filled with short stories about a mouse and his adventures.

   I gave this book two out of five stars. I really was not a fan of this book. Most of the stories did not contain a plot. For example, one story was about the mouse that lost his orange ball and tried to find it. He asked three others in the rain forest if they have seen his ball, and they were rude claiming that he needed to learn manners, so he decided to not ask anyone, just to find his friends and his ball. There was really nothing about the story that explained anything or any lessons that were learned. On top of that, the characters were not that likable or believable, and many of the stories do not make sense.

   I do not recommend this book to anyone! Please do not read this. Even to a little kid. I read “books” from school reading programs that are better than this. This is sad, considering that those books rarely have stories containing any plot, if you can find one that has a plot. It is just a waste of time, and sadly just a horrible book. Happy reading!



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