House of Many Ways review

So, I just finished reading the book my Dianna Wynne Jones, House of Many Ways. It is the third book in the Howl Moving Castle series. This book focused on a girl name Charmain and her journey of growth on her first time on her own while taking care of her Uncle’s magical house. Throughout the way, you learn the mystery of the missing gold and the elf gift.

I truly did enjoy the book. I loved seeing the development of Charmain, and seeing Howl, Sophie, and Calcifer again. Charmain is really an unlikely heroine, with selfish tendencies and interesting background in not knowing how to do simple housework due to her mother’s viewpoints of respectability. It is interesting how she can be so useless with the ordinary, and yet be cunning with magic, since her mother did not believe in the practicality of magic. Howl was being his usual self, and causing mischief around the castle with their son, while Calcifer was there protecting and Sophie trying to solve the mini commotions that Howl and his son cause. However, I was a bit sad in not seeing Michael (the book takes place three years after the first book). I rather wonder what happened to him. I wonder if he is in the second book.

The book was also interesting with it main plot and mini plots. I loved how everything intertwined with each other as well as their relationship with each other.  However, I did feel as though the end of the book was a bit rushed. It was as if here the mysteries are now solved, and there was the end of the book. Literally, the last 80 or so pages were jammed packed with action and movement that I did not realized how much was going on until I realized that I realized that I only read five or so pages. This is interesting because the beginning was a bit slow to start, and the book moved at a constant pace with a problem resolution pattern, with the background problem of the missing gold and elf gift. The ending was problem, problem, and problem, with the big solution at the end.

I do recommend this book to everyone. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a fun read. I did enjoy the characters and their struggles; however, I am still left with wondering about our characters at the end. I still feel like there should be other books to tell us about our characters, Charmain and our three beloved heroes. I am curious to see how other people view the book. So let me know, and happy reading!


One thought on “House of Many Ways review

  1. I just realized that I forgot to put how many stars I gave this book on Goodreads. To tell you the truth, I was so excited in finishing this book that my first though was to post it on my blog, not Goodreads.
    I gave this book four out of five stars. I enjoyed the book tremendously. Nevertheless, I did feel as though the book was rushed at the end, and I am still left wondering about our characters, both new and old.

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