Waking Up Married – review

So this was an interesting little book. Not at all, what I thought it would be. The story follows two people, Megan Scott, and Connor Reid. Two different people who ended up marring each other in Vegas after getting drunk and spending the night together. I did enjoy the plot in which the two tried to honor their vows and see if the marriage will work. I did expect some sex, but nothing on the verge of exotica.

I did give it three out of five stars. I was also surprised with the development of the plot and the characters throughout the story. Even thought it was a quick read, I did not feel as though it was rushed or pushed through. I also felt as though the author ended the book on a good note, and did not leave you hanging, like other short stories that I have read. Again, it was a great book that I enjoyed reading.

Would I recommend this book? Well… Not to everyone. I would recommend it to people who do like exotica, but not to everyone. I feel like this book requires me to get to know a person in order for me to recommend it. Thus the my horrible “beat around the bush” response. 


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