Review – A Hallows Moon

I really wanted to love this book like the last one; however, I just couldn’t. This is sad because I ended the first book in total fandom, and could not wait to read the rest of the series.  It took me a while to figure out why. This book was not all too consistent with the last book. In the end of the last book Riley claimed that she felt that the wolf and human form were one and that she could remember, and all of a sudden she no longer can remember being in wolf form in this book. If you were going to change that SM Reine, I would love an explanation about it. I know that Riley couldn’t but Seth or Able could have explained what had happen. Another thing, the plot was okay, and the book went at a somewhat slow pace. I just felt like many of the pages were fillers. They did not pertain to the development of the characters or the plot.  However, I do feel as though this book will be important for the third book. The sad part, it is the small details will help with the series and spin the series.

I will continue to read the series, because I really want to know how the series turns out. However, I really cannot recommend this book. Though if you want to read the series, it looks like you have to read this in order to understand what will happen throughout the rest of the series as well as the spin off series. Let’s see how the series turn out. I am really hoping that the third book will be great and get me back into fandom.


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