About me

file000556741865Hello! I live in a moderate size town in California. I live with my mom, my brother, my two sisters and my grandmother. My dad and my stepmom live close to me. We also have a parrot (Paco), two dogs (Pearl and Ame (pronounce Amhey)), 3 cats (Jynx/Loki, Katniss, and Singyn/Haru). Long story as to why some of the cats have two names. We also have two Guinea Pigs (Skittish and Axel(I think that is his name)), and a turtle (Shelley).

To make my life easier, and to not have to change my age every year, I will say that I was born on July 3, 1989. Let’s just say I am lazy, but I love to do math. So have fun.

I have a BA in Liberal Studies/Education. Liberal studies meaning a jack of all trades.  I also spent some time studying to be a teacher. Right now I work as a one on one instructional aid as well as a Sylvan tutor working on math, reading, writing homework, as well as sometimes running a few camps.

Let’s Just say I love to read books and decided that I should start a blog. The main purpose of this blog was to keep track of my experience of Booktube-a-thon in 2013, but I have decided to continue it after that experience. I enjoyed sharing the books that I am reading as well as doing a few book tags. My plan is to make a post every Saturday, or any day around that.Hope to be seeing you soon. Happy Reading!

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