Ready or Not, Review!

Ready or Not, by Chautona Havig, is a cute book about an aunt being the guardian of eight lively children after their parents died from a simple complication at the hospital. Within the story, you would have the aunt trying to quickly learn the art of motherhood while many events happen throughout the book, including a move, remodeling of a house, and an angry grandmother. I enjoy seeing the children and the aunt grows throughout the book, not only in learning how to cope with a loss, but in understanding and maturing in a new environment.

I enjoyed reading this book and I gave it four out of five stars. I enjoyed it, and laughed a lot throughout the book, but I was not absolutely in love with this book. However, I do recommend this book to anyone over the age of 15. I really think that you need a mother perspective, or at least the perspectives of a person working with children to understand the trials and tribulations that are happening in this book, as well as the lessons of motherhood and dealing with children.


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