Fifth day of Booktube-a-thon

I first want to thank all my readers for reading my blog. It means a lot that you are there reading my blog. Do feel free to make posts and let me know what you think about my blog. I also want to apologize for the late post. I really wanted to get some serious reading done before I made this post for day four.

Today was a good day. I heard several CD’s of To Kill a Mockingbird (officially on the 8th CD). I have officially finished the book What Happen to Goodbye. In all I have completed reading over 300 pages, and officially finished the challenge of reading a book that had been on your shelf! I am supper stoked right now. I cannot wait to start Ready or Not, starting the last challenge of reading a book with 500 or more pages in it. I am also hoping that I will be able to finish the audio CD by tomorrow, when I know that I only have about 3.5 CD’s left.

I know that I am leaving out Kydona, but I decided that I needed to take a break. I am not making any progress there, and every time that I try to add it to my to read list for the following day, I choose other books over it. Though if I do have time, I will always try to get another 100 pages done. Though in all, I only have 185 pages left. However, In the next post, I will put the number of pages that I have read during this challenge.

Now time for the book review of What Happen to Goodbye. I must say that the book is amazing! I love the Mclean and how she discovers herself throughout the book. To give you a short summary of the book. The book is about a girl who suffered from her parent’s divorce and the scandal that came from her mother leaving her father and going to another man. After the divorce, she decided that she would live with her father, who moves a lot due to her father’s job. With each move, Mclean decided to become a new person with a new personification. However, with the most recent, move, Mclean was not able to absorb a new form of her self, and started out being herself. throughout her time in this town she started to discover who she is and what she really wants and needed. In the end I would give this book five out of five stars. As I have mention, I truly love Mclean and the problems that she faced seemed true to a teenager. I also love how Mclean grew throughout the book. However, I must warn you that most of the growth, and movement, happen towards the last 100 pages of the book. Though in all, an amazing book, and I recommend everyone to read.


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