Day four of Booktube-a-thon

Man, my eyes are hurting me. I need to take a break, but with the 300 page a day limit count, I cannot. I have been trying to take breaks today, but I only got through 106 pages of an actual book. I got a hold of To Kill a Mockingbird. I have listen to at least 5 hours of the book, roughly 5 cd’s. I am wondering why I have chose this book for audio. I do not remember this book being this long. However, I am enjoying this book, and loving the reader.

Sadly, this day did not go as planned. I am hoping that I will be able to catch up tomorrow. I just had to many distractions and had such a late start. Tomorrow I want to finish What Happen to Goodbye, and start Ready or Not.  I would also like to get 100 pages done of Kydona, but with the way things are going and how far behind I am, I will be glad if I will be able to at least accomplish the first two items on my list. However, I am hoping that I will get another four CD’s done for To Kill a Mockingbird. Being around chapter 12 with that book is making me feel a little easier.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.


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