Booktube-a-thon Day 3

So today went very well. I was able to finish two book. Both Twice Upon a Marigold and Thrice Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris. However, I have yet to get to What Happen to Goodbye and Kydona. Though with only 2 hours left of the day, I still have the possibility of starting What Happen to Goodbye. In the end, today was not a total let down. I was able to keep the 300 page challenge as well as finishing a series. Plus these books have been on my TBR (to be read) shelf for quite some time. I even have good news. I was able to get a hold of To Kill a Mockingbird in audio format from the library, which means that tomorrow I can start listening to the story. I just found out that the listening to the story will take about 11 hours. I am not sure how I will be able to listen to another story why reading so many other books. Can I at least say: Road trip, anyone? I know that if I go to Washington state from here, I will be able to listen to the whole story. But I will not be dishearten! I have been able to complete two challenges today, even with work and having to solve a little fix up problem at Best Buy (long story).  So onto the review of the two books that I have read.

Let’s start with the first book that I have finished reading today, Twice Upon a Marigold. Ummm… Hate to put it out there, but the reviews were right. I was not happy with this book. It just seemed out of placed, and felt like the author was writing the story for the point of getting it over and done with. Which is sad, considering that I fell in love with the first book, with all of its charm and witty moments. This book just lacked the same charm and witty moments that the first book held. I understand that the person that they were vanquishing was completely evil, but still, there could have been some charming and witty moments throughout the story, or at least towards the end. The other problem that I had with this story was its elongated ending. Oh my gosh, just save me. I felt like the story was never going to end, when Olympia was finally vanquished. It felt as though the author felt bad about the story and didn’t want it to end, hoping that this would make it up. Let me tell you, it didn’t. For some reason I gave the book 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. I did like the book. I loved how our main characters realized their problems and tried to overcome them. That part was believable. I also like how one of our new characters overcame her problems. Though if I were to continue now, I would be giving the whole story away. If you want to know more, look at other reviews, or read the book yourself.

Now Thrice Upon a Marigold, is a completely different story (no pun intended). I loved it thoroughly. You really did not need to second book to help you understand this one, until you get to the end when she made a little reference of it. A really cute book, that had all the witty and charm that the first book had. Towards the end you are say aww, and rooting on for your two new favorite characters in the story. Not at the same complete bliss that I was when I finished reading the first book, but was happy how the ending turned out. It still had its elongated ending, however with the way that this story was going, I was completely okay with it, feeling as though she would not go back these characters again, and wanting to leave them on a solid footing.  In the end I gave this book five out of five stars on Goodreads.


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